Mixed Vegetables with Peanut Sauce p. 212

Brief description: Mix cooked, cube potatoes with green beans, carrots, cabbage, and peanut sauce. Serve over lettuce, garnish with boiled egg and cucumbers.

This recipe I made because of our game Cookbook Roulette. When I’m out of ideas or cravings for what to make for dinner, I have Bryan pick a number, we turn to that page, and then whatever is on or near that page, we make! It’s a fun game and has led us to make things we normally wouldn’t have. Like this one.

I have to confess a short cut though. On a whim a few weeks before I bought a peanut dressing. It was okay, but not the kind of thing I would normally choose put on a salad. So I used the dressing instead of making the Peanut Sauce on p. 55. But I will make it eventually. I just didn’t feel like making it that particular day when I had something similar on hand. Its call good stewardship.

The night I made this two of Bryan’s friends came over for a few minutes and I offered to fix them a plate. They agreed and seemed to like it. Everyone thought it “felt” extremely healthy, so I guess that’s good. We didn’t have enough to have leftovers since we served 4. But it was a good meal, different from our norm.


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