Spicy Batter-Fried Chicken p. 666

Brief description: Batter: curry powder, allspice, garlic, cayenne, flour, and egg. Fry in peanut oil.

Growing up my mother never fried anything. Ever. If we were to have fried chicken, it came in a bucket with a bearded man on the side of it. (The bucket, not the chicken.) So frying something is not something I’m inclined to do. But Bryan choose page number 666 during a recent came of Cookbook Roulette and I found myself learning to fry.

On the first two pieces the batter did not seem to stick with the chicken very well.

The second two, I dried with a paper towel before battering and that seemed to work better.

In the end it didn’t seem to matter because very little batter stuck with the chicken till the end. After reading the Basics of Fried Chicken on page 663 later, I would suggest frying in two batches next time. I didn’t think the skillet was too crowded, but perhaps giving the pieces even more space would have helped in the end.

The chicken was still delicious and is something I’d like to try again in the future. Just remember to read up on frying if you are a novice before trying it.


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