Stir Fried Lamb with Green Peppers p. 769

Brief description: cook peppers until brown, brown the lamb, add the peppers, lamb and fermented black beans soaked in wine and cook together for 5-10 minutes.

I was eager to try lamb. And the recipe looked pretty easy, perfect for a weeknight dinner. Bryan doesn’t like peppers, but it was an easy substitution of green beans. Although, when I was at the store they had the worst looking green beans I’ve ever encountered in my life, but being lazy, I went ahead and got them instead of going to Easy Way down the street.

I hadn’t heard of fermented black beans before and couldn’t find any further information on them in the book. I checked the short “ethnic” food aisle at the grocery and didn’t find anything, so I went with a can of regular black beans. Later I looked it up online. Apparently my grocery does not have a “quality” ethnic food aisle. Oh well.

My grocery store also did not have the right cut of lamb. And after a brief discussion with the butcher, if you can call her that, I discovered that lamb is very expensive. I’m not made of money, Mr. Bittman. So I went home, made Bryan take me to dinner, and went to the grocery the next day with an alternative meat in mind. So I purchased some sirloin and went home.

Basically this whole meal was a big failure and I shouldn’t even post that I tried it. All major ingredients were different or wrong. Oh well. We all learn from our mistakes. Today’s lesson: too many substitutions make for a different recipe entirely, as well as don’t buy shady green beans.


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