Peas with Bacon and Mint p. 329

In the south we have an amazing treat in the summer: Lady peas. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s Southern thing or everywhere thing. But I think it’s Southern. Normally we boil these in some chicken broth and they are delicious. But since taking on this project, I wanted to see what How to Cook Everything said.

I found this recipe, which isn’t necessarily for these types of peas, but I thought it would be delicious nonetheless.

Make your bacon first and put to the side. Then cook your peas. This took longer than the book said, a good 20-30 minutes. I had to add about a cup of water throughout this cooking process.

Add your bacon back in at the end and garnish with fresh mint leaves. I was skeptical about the mint, but our plant in the back has gotten out of hand, so picking was in order. It added a freshness and zip that really complimented the bacon and peas. Now I’m going to add it to everything.


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