Simply Cooked Spinach p. 352

There isn’t really an exact recipe, but anyone who’s ever sautéed spinach knows how easy it is. Put it in a pot over the stove with a little olive oil. The leaves will wilt within a few minutes. Mark Bittman offers a list of 14 things that you can mix in with your spinach. I traditionally use a ton of salt (spinach needs a lot of salt, in my opinion) and some Worcestershire sauce. One of the options Bittman gives is compound butter. I still had some Bacon Compound Butter in the freezer, so I whipped it out. It didn’t taste overly bacon-y in the end, but I think the butter added some savoriness (Is that a word?) to the dish.

Simply cooked spinach is a delicious, nutritious, not to mention easy side dish to go along with any meal. I served it along side a Chicken Cacciatore from the Joy of Cooking and sautéed mushrooms.


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