Fried Rice with Shrimp p. 468-470

Ingredients: endless possibilities

I’ve been on an oriental theme kick lately. I’m not sure why exactly. Bryan loves anything with rice, maybe thats why we’ve had rice with what feels like the last twenty meals. Oh well… all have been delicious.

Mark Bittman goes into great length with various tips, additions, and variations to make your own fried rice.

One great tip is to make your rice ahead of time. I only had time to cook mine about an hour before “frying” it. Which worked okay, but leftover rice is really the best.

We used rice, frozen peas, garlic, ginger, eggs, soy, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and seasame oil.

Bryan was impressed that I had made it myself and I thought it was a great, easy, fast comfort meal. Perfect for a weak night. The best part is that you can probably make this without even having to go to the store. You can use whatever you happen to have in your freezer, fridge, or pantry.


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