2009 Recap: Appetizers

For this last week of 2009, I thought I’d look back at the dishes I’ve completed and list which were my favorites. While I still have a long way to go before completing this project, I am proud of myself for sticking with this so far and trying a bunch of new things.

So for today we’ll start with starters, appetizers:

1. Marinated Celery and Carrots, Chinese style. I had never had anything like this before, but have since made it twice. Bryan and I both really enjoy the flavors. Its a departure from regular crudities and still healthy.

2. Hummus. Hummus is not really something I typically like. I’ll take a bite or two out of politeness at parties or gatherings. Homemade hummus is about two steps ahead of the store bought stuff. I’ve made it for several parties and received many compliments. Not only is it delicious, but its easy!

So far I’ve completed 8 appetizers. Which is pretty low, will definately being doing more appetizer posts in 2010.


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