2009 Favorites: Veggies

Bryan and I both love our vegetables… Okay, so I love all vegetables, and Bryan loves anything that isn’t and/or touching: onions, peppers, mushrooms, or tomatoes. But other than that, we really love our veggies.

Here are the favorite dishes we tried this year from How to Cook Everything:

1. Creamed corn with cheese. Bryan’s favorite vegetable is corn. And this is our favorite way to eat it. What’s not to love: butter, cheese, and corn?! Its so good I may even make it again tonight.

2.Mashed Cauliflower with cheese. Oops, beginning to see a theme here. We need our cheese! Oh dear, this was the most delicious thing I ever made. Bryan was not happy when he discovered I had brought cauliflower into our home. I was even a bit skeptical myself. It only took one bite for both of us to fall in love. I think I actually made proclamations that what wasn’t on his plate was all mine. I savored that cauliflower, like cauliflower has never been savored before.

3. Sweet Potato Gratin. This is dish is a double whammy: easy and scrumptious. Great for people who don’t even like sweet potatoes, like me.

Overall I’ve attempted approximately 36 vegetable recipes. Pretty decent, but still have a ways to go.


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