Jim Lahey’s No- Work Bread

Homemade bread is one of those things that I have always felt was over my head. Or overly domesticated. I mean, unless you use a bread machine, who has the time to deal with making your own loaf of bread.

I had heard and read several things about Jim Lahey’s No-Knead bread both here and here. And as much as we love and eat bread, I figured it was about time I face my fear of homemade bread. Plus I was out of work for a week and had time to let it rise.

I’m not going to go through the whole process. Other than to say it had to sit for 18 and then about 2 hours. Which isn’t a big deal, but not do-able when you work and have an hour to get dinner on the table. So I guess this is a weekend deal for us work people.

After rising, it bakes in a dutch oven. I found this provocative. But then again, what do I know about bread making? Nothing.

The bread turned out totally edible. Not the most delicious bread I’d ever eaten, but good.

It was excellent lightly toasted, with some jam or pumpkin butter smeared on it.

Overall, my first bread making experience was a success!


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