Mixed Spicy Vegetables, Thai Style p. 374

This is an interesting vegetable dish for a week night. Its also very flexible to what you have and what is in season. While not exactly in season, I used squash.

Start by cutting your vegetable into chunks. The recipe calls for onions, but of course, I had to leave them out. Heat some oil in a pan and throw in your onions if using. Let them soften. Then add chopped garlic, chiles, and your vegetable. Cook until the vegetable softens. Add coconut milk and lime leaves (I used zest. I had never heard of using leaves before.) Let it simmer for a few minutes and add soy sauce or fish sauce. I had recently purchased fish sauce out of curiosity and found in this dish that I do not like the flavor. Use soy sauce instead.

Serve warm.



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4 responses to “Mixed Spicy Vegetables, Thai Style p. 374

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  2. You can use butternut squash or other winter squashes. They are in season and I found them used in curry dishes in many Thai or Asian cookbooks. Paul.

  3. Also, this recipe also suffers the "burned onion" syndrome like the stew tomatos in tomatillos dish. So in step 1, cook onion, eggplant or squash at the same time. In the next recipe, the chicken strips will be overcooked. So, after stir fry the chicken for one minutes, scoop them out and add them later during step 2. Paul.

  4. This recipe trivialized Thai cooking. If you are interested in cooking real Thai, try Nancy McDermott's Quick and Easy Thai, Chronicle Books. Paul.

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