Light and Fluffy Pancakes p. 812

I flipped to this recipe first when Bryan requested pancakes one morning. It didn’t occur to me that there was an Everyday Pancake on the page before. But it was a weekend morning and we had slept in and I hadn’t even had my coffee yet, so light and fluffy it was.

First get out 3 bowls. This is not a “clean” recipe. You’ll dirty 3 mixing bowls, various things to beat, whisk, and stir, a pan, and a spatula.

In on bowl you beat milk and egg yolks (the yellow part, I always have to remind myself of this). In the second bowl is your whites. You will whisk until stiff, but not dry. Please explain this to me. I still do not understand.

In the third goes the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder).

I made half the batch in small pancakes and then got tired of those so I made several pan sized cakes. This recipe will make enough to feed six hungry boys. So unless you are feeing a crowd, be prepared for left overs. Although I do love having left over pancakes. I will put a couple in a bag in the freezer and pull out for a quick breakfast on the run. Simply pop them in the toaster and they are good to go! Yum!


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