Pound Cake p. 906-7

In my last post I plotted out a meal plan for a week. I stuck to it, but it only took me 3 weeks to post it. Sorry. Without further ado… pound cake!

I felt like I wasn’t a true Southern girl since I am a quarter decade old without ever attempting to make my own pound cake. Although, to be truthful, I’m not crazy about pound cake. But it was a Sunday and I wanted to bake something sweet. I also wanted to use some yogurt I had laying around.

It was not too difficult to make, just a bunch of steps to add ingredients at just the right time. I’m sure there’s a science behind it that I just do not care to learn.

The cake turned out great and we enjoyed it for several days. I didn’t get a chance to toast some, which I wanted to do. I’m sure it would have been really delicious with a little homemade plum preserves.


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