Nutella Ice Cream

I love Nutella. I love ice cream. Why I haven’t put these two together earlier, I don’t know. But its one of the most ingenious ideas I’d ever heard of.

I stumbled upon this recipe on the blog: Dinner with Julie. I’d link to the recipe directly, but my link is appearing to be broken.

It suggested using 1 cup Nutella and 2 cups milk or half and half or whipping cream. I can’t remember exactly. Instead of measuring properly I decided to use the whole jar of nutella. First warm it up a few seconds in the mircowave. I suppose you could use a sauce pan over the oven, but that’s just something else to clean. Once its softened a bit stir it in with the milk. Make sure you use a big bowl because I didn’t use a big enough bowl to allow for whisking. The idea is to make it smooth. Then pour into your ice cream maker and make as directed.

churning in the ice cream machine

Since I was unsure of how much it would make and I used more Nutella than the original recipe called for my batch turned our really rich and really small. It made just over a pint of ice cream. Next time I will still use the whole jar, but probably do 3 cups milk.

nutella ice cream in quart container. Doesn't quite fill it up.



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