Bean Salad p. 215

I hate beans. I’ve never been a fan. Especially after my mom fed me bean soup what felt like non-stop for a few years there. But I’ve made a commitment to this project. When I made it I realized I was going to have to make a few things I didn’t like, mainly the whole bean section. There is a whole chapter devoted to beans!!! (You will notice my bean section lacking due to my excitement over beans.)

Preparing for an picnic dinner I thought a cold bean salad would be the perfect accompaniement to tuna salad! I’m not sure what I was thinking planning to make a whole meal of food I don’t like for a venue with very little food for purchase. Not one of my brightest moments. Or maybe it was. Maybe I new that I wouldn’t want to eat either and so I would have to force myself to eat it by taking me out of my comfort zone (where the fridge and pantry are within a few feet).

First you must cook your beans. See pages 411-413 if you are unsure of how to do this.

Beans a cookin'Once they are cooked, drain, and mix in the other ingredients (vinegar, red onion, olive oil, and fresh parsley).

It wasn’t too horrible, but I still don’t like beans. I ate a serving and then gave the rest of the bowl away to people who do like beans.


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