Grilled Cheese p. 166

When I was away at college, having to eat out of a cafeteria for the majority of my meals, grilled cheese became my fall back meal. When the “home cooking” area looked like it came out of a can (which was often) and the pasta section was too greasy (also often) and I was tired of salads, I’d fall into line at the grill for my standard grilled cheese and fries. It was delicious, but my friends and I worried about my arteries. After about a year of my grilled cheese diet I moved back home and I haven’t had one since the last few months. A favorite restaurant nearby, Cafe Eclectic has  the most delicious (and cheap!) grilled cheese. Bryan and I like to go and split it as an afternoon snack.

Craving a delicious, and most importantly, simple dinner, Bryan and I made grilled cheese. Its one of the most flexible meals you can make. No specifics on bread or cheese. Whatever you have and/or whatever you prefer. We used a country white bread and gruyere cheese.

First butter your bread slices and the pan. Once the butter in the pan has melted add you first slice, add the cheese, then the final slice of bread and stack a plate or something heavy to squish it down.

squash the sandwhich!

We found after our first couple of sandwiches it was easier to skip this step and simply press the back of the spatula on it a few times.

Cook a minute or two on each side and serve hot!


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