Summer Corn Chowder

One of my new favorite blogs is Food 52. The recipes are delicious and inspiring, but I really love the videos. Apparently I’m a visual learner. I first learned this when I found the Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog. Seeing pictures of her cooking showed me that it wasn’t that hard and eventually I ventured out of my very very small cooking comfort zone. Well Food 52 has taken it a step above that. Videos!

The first recipe video I watched was summer corn chowder. It was so inspiring I had to make it the next day. It was just as delicious as it looked. I made it again just the other day I enjoyed it so much. Its such a simple, yet delicious soup. It might have to do with the heavy cream.

Summer corn chowder features summer vegetables in a creamy soup. The first time I made it I didn’t have potatoes on hand so I substituted frozen green peas. It was a delightful addition which added some color. I really enjoyed the potatoes the second time, but missed the peas. Next time I’ll use potatoes and peas!

Also, don’t be shy about adding your favorite herbs. Next time I’m going to be more adventurous in herbs. The previous two times I’ve added chives and parsley. I’m thinking of adding fresh thyme and basil for my next batch.

Try summer corn chowder soon and enjoy the seasons vegetables while you still can!


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