Home Brewing 101 Part 2

In case you missed part 1, my parents and I are brewing our own beer. You can catch up on part 1 of our brewing process here.

After our wort and yeast had a chance to spend a little time together in the basement, it was time to bottle.

Well first we had to take all the labels off the bottles.

We found that soaking in warm water for a few minutes helped to soften them. Then we started by pealing away the label, if we were lucky that took off most of it. (We found that Sam Adam’s labels came off the easiest.) Then we scrubbed with a steel wool ball to remove the rest of it.

After removing the label it was time to wash and sanitize

For a 5 gallon batch, we prepped around 50 bottles. (We ended up bottling 46.)

Back to the beer, we had to use the autosiphon to get the wort into big pot where we had some honey waiting for it.

Mom trying to figure out the autosiphon

Moving the wort into the pot with honey.

Once all the wort was in the pot it was time to bottle using the auto-siphon again.

Using the auto-siphon to bottle beer!

Our helper, Trey, was on hand to cap the bottles.

Having the extra set of hands helped speed the process along. Mom and Dad siphoned and bottled, Trey capped, and I cleaned, counted, and sorted the bottles. The total bottling time (without the cleaning and de-labeling) only took about 15 minutes.

There was a tiny bit of beer left that wasn’t enough to bottle and cap, so we each got a sip to taste the fruits of our labor.

From the small sip we could each tell that we were going to have some seriously good beer on our hands… we just have to wait two more weeks.

Credits: all photos by Rob Mitchum. Beer kit: Brooklyn Brew Shop


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  1. so cool! you are just so handy!

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