Peach Gratin

Peaches are my very favorite fruit. Its probably because my mother is from Georgia and she knows how to pick the perfect peach. Plus, its just really delicious.  This summer I’ve found myself collecting peach recipes. Do you do that too? I tend to collect certain types of recipes. This summer is was peach desserts, in the past I’ve saved a bunch of bread recipes, etc.

Anyways, one of the recipes I saved was a peach gratin found here. I first made it a few weeks ago. I’m not a huge fan of sour cream, but when I got a bite with a bunch of brown sugar it was scrumptious. How could you go wrong with peaches, bourbon and sugar anyway?!

The other night I made peach cups. Which are delicious, by the way. I really enjoyed it left over for breakfast the next morning. But I had a lot of cream cheese/sugar mixture leftover. While sitting at my desk at work one day it hit me. Cream cheese/sugar + peach gratin – sour cream = happiness for eternity. I considering telling my boss I felt sick and needed to go home only to go home and make this. But then I realized I liked getting paid and decided to wait it out.

I ended up making the gratin the next day. It was relatively difficult to mix the bourbon in with the cold cream cheese mixture.  I also didn’t have much patience, so didn’t try to hard either. I topped with peaches and tried to give it a little stir, or at least press the peaches down into the chream cheese. Then I topped with the brown sugar.

It turned out being too sweet and rich for me. But I’m also a wuss. I’ll only eat a bite or two of chocolate cakes.

Peach gratin is a fantastic dessert that I high recommend during these hot summer months. Try it before its too late!


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