Soup week recap

A few weeks ago when we got our first nip of colder air (meaning it was under 90 degrees), I got fall fever. I began thinking about cozy clothes, scarfs, warm blankets, bon fires, and hearty meals – mainly soups. I’ve never been a huge soup fan, but I like it. Its also not something I cook a lot. But the cooler air stirred something up in me and I needed soup. And lots of it.

So I set about to find some delicious soup recipes. Here are two of my favorites:

Chipotle Sweet Potato Corn Chowder:

I’m not a big sweet potato fan and Bryan hates leeks and onions, but both of us managed to fall in love with this soup. In fact, we both claim it as the Best Soup in the World. Seriously. I told everyone I talked to for days afterward about how amazing it was. Sweet, spicy, creamy, hearty. Its everything a good soup should be and more.

Carrot and Squash Curry Soup:

Another orange soup and another one we weren’t expecting to like. I had to make it while Bryan wasn’t home so he wouldn’t know there was squash in it. And he loved it. The curry gave it some spicy heat and all the flavors melding together you would never have guessed it was carrot and squash together. It reminds me a butternut squash winter soup I’ve seen around (and there is one in the HTCE book which I want to try soon), but this is a great transition soup. When the yellow squash is still plentiful its a gateway soup to lead us into the cooler weather.


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