Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes I get cravings for random things such as cookie dough. The other day this craving hit me and there was just no shaking it. So I took this as an opportunity to try out the chocolate chip recipe from How to Cook Everything. Turns out, its the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever.

The one batch made around 36 cookies, plenty to keep for yourself and share with others. And you will want to share with others otherwise you will eat it all yourself. As an added bonus they will remain your friends simply because the cookie is that good. The cookie dough was pretty good all by itself as well… in case you were wondering. Don’t judge me for eating raw cookie dough, I know you do it too.

I’m not going to give the recipe here or even a recap because this recipe alone is worth the purchase of the book. You can get it here or at your local bookstore.

UPDATED: Mark Bittman has posted the recipe on his blog. You can find it here.

*This post was written by my own free will. Mark Bittman does not know who I am.


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