How to Achieve World Peace

I have a theory on how to finally achieve world peace. Don’t steal my idea. I deserve full credit for this! I’ll be looking up my intellectual property rights as soon as I finish typing this up.

Okay, so world peace will be achieved if everyone had a taco and cocktail. Think about it. Everyone would be so happy that they wouldn’t care about differences in religion, race, or whatever else stirs people up.

Let’s dissect this idea. First: tacos. Mmm… you really can’t go wrong with a taco. Any kind. Whether is the more authentic version, a fancy fish taco, or a 79 cent taco from Taco Bell, there is a taco for every taste and every mood. I firmly believe that we haven’t fully tapped the full capabilities of the taco just yet. Think of all the things we haven’t tried yet! After we’ve all had a taco we can begin work on creating delicious new tacos.

Cocktails. I realize this could be controversial as some people do not drink and for those people, I suppose a mocktail will have to do. I remember once going out to eat with some friends in junior high and we ordered virgin daiquiris. The thrill of a fruity drink with an umbrella was exhilarating. It is still is. They come in all kinds of pretty colors, tastes, fun glasses. How can a cocktail not bring a smile to your face and an ease in your pace?!

You can thank me for this radical world changing idea by bringing me a delicious taco and a fruity cocktail.

And you’re welcome.


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