Apple Crisp p. 884

I’ve never been a big fan of cooked apples… either as a side dish or in a dessert. But around Thanksgiving the Pioneer Woman posted a really scrumptious apple pie and I made it for the holidays. It was amazing and totally changed my life… in only the way that cooked apples can… which isn’t too much, but I’m now open to the idea of cooked apples. Anyways, shortly after Thanksgiving I was hosting a family birthday gathering and was tasked with making a dessert. On the heels of my love of apple pie, I decided to try Mark Bittman’s Apple Crisp in How to Cook Everything.

Yes, this is the first actual post from the book in a long, long time. What can I say? I needed a break. Obviously. But I am back on the cooking-from-a-book horse and have a few more recipes up my sleeve.

So this apple crisp was very similar to the Pioneer Woman recipe, only without the pie crust. Which I should like because I hate pie crust. I hate making it and I hate eating it. At least I’m consistent.

The other difference was the use of oats. I also do not like oats. If I could substitute this topping with the Pioneer Woman topping I would have been very happy. But other than the oat-y topping, it was a delicious dessert and everyone seemed to like it.


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