Accidental Dinner: Spaghetti with Eggs

I’ve been in a not-cooking mood this week. I cooked a flank steak (from the freezer), a frozen veggie, and some mashed potatoes one night and Bryan cooked dinner for me another night. Last night I was convinced it was either left over night or breakfast-for-diner night.

Thursday nights Bryan doesn’t get home until late due to a group run, so I caught up on some reading. This is the last week of the Minimalist on NYT and there were a bunch of links to recipes, favorites, and videos posted the other day. One of the recipes which Mark Bittman cooked on the Today Show and was also listed as a favorite was Spaghetti and Eggs.

The concept is pretty simple. Cook pasta. In a separate skillet/pan fry some eggs. Mix together, maybe top with cheese and fresh cracked pepper.

I have a serious pasta addiction, so after viewing the video I knew I needed to make it. Right away. So I put down the laptop and started cooking. We only had two eggs (Mark Bitman used four in the video.), but I had a few other things lying around that I thought might be a good addition.  Below is my accidental dinner recipe:

Spaghetti with eggs and other stuff:

2 eggs

3 pieces of bacon, chopped

a bunch of asparagus, snapped into bite size

a cup of cheese (parmesan)

cooked noodles (a long variety)

Start cooking your noodles. Drain and set aside.

Cook your bacon until crispy. Remove to cool on a paper towel. Sautee asparagus spears for 5-8 minutes until your desired tenderness (Bryan likes his with some crunch). Remove. Throw in the eggs to the warm pan. Cook until the whites are set. They don’t have to be all the way set, but mostly. Add the bacon (I crumbled mine), asparagus, cheese, and noodles and toss to combine.

Serve garnished with more cheese.

It was a pretty terrific dinner for a whim.


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  1. Paul

    This looks like the recipe in page 506 – Pasta Carbonara without the asparagus.

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