Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee p. 359

For our post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal I decided to try the mashed sweet potato brulee since no turkey can be served without a side of sweet potato. I was originally planning on doing this dish, but once I got the book out I wanted to see if there was something else new to try. Of course there are several varities of mashed sweet potatoes to try, but this one looked nice as I could put it in a smaller dish that would fit in my awkward side oven, leaving more room in the real oven for other sides. (Its all about oven space planning when it comes to the holidays.)

I baked my sweet potatoes a day in advance when I was baking some pies. (How’s that for green energy?!) It was simple to prepare, but it wasn’t the greatest sweet potato dish I’ve ever had. Especially compared to the candied sweet potato casserole my mother-in-law made the day before. Although, I’m sure this version is a little lighter in the calories.


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