Roasted Pork with Fresh Orange Sauce p. 751

Hi Guys! Guess what!? I cooked something from How to Cook Everything! Life’s been a bit crazy the first few months of 2012, but as of last week things are finally starting to settle down a little bit. At least for the foreseeable future. Things tend to slow down for the summer and I’m looking forward to that.

I planned this meal for when I knew Bryan was going to be in town, but we got caught up in the NBA playoff games and we didn’t cook the night I had planned this meal. So I made it when Bryan was out of town, which is too bad because he really would have loved it.

Orange juice, shallot, cumin, and cayenne makes an amazing sauce. As a side dish I steamed broccoli and poured the sauce over the broccoli as well. Delish.

This was a simple, quick week night meal with a lot of flavor. To be repeated soon!


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