Red Rice Pilaf, page 461

At Mark Bittman’s suggestion I made red rice pilaf to go with the pozole with pork and hominy. It sounded simple enough and I knew it would be a great side with the dish.

The recipe suggests diced tomatoes which I thought I had in my pantry. Turned out I had whole canned tomatoes or tomato sauce. I decided to use the tomato sauce because a) it was the right quantity and b) I never use the stuff and wanted to get rid of it. This was probably a better choice for us than the diced tomatoes because of Bryan’s aversion to tomatoes. He’s gotten a lot better about them, but having the tomato flavor without seeing it prevented any arguments. We were both happy.


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  1. Gretchen

    Thank You for your posting your cooking project online. I misplaced my copy of the How to Cook Everything. Drives me crazy. Appreciate my return to sanity because I found your blog. I really appreciate your dedication to making the recipes and feedback.

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