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Corn and Tomato Relish, p. 50

We’ve been really embracing the summer produce at our house this year. Partly because we have a plentiful garden and partly because we’ve been making it a habit of going to the farmers market each week.

This was a great summer side for our pork tenderloin and peas. I love the taste of cumin and it went well alongside the curry on the pork tenderloin.

Bryan even ate it, including a few bites with tomatoes!


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Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Curry p. 752-753

Sometimes I just crave curry in some form or fashion. I can’t explain it. One aspect of the app that I enjoy is searching by ingredient, such as curry.

Bryan grilled our pork tenderloin and I served it with a corn and tomato dish and some crowder peas. It was an easy, summer dinner.

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Pound Cake p. 906-907

What could be more neighborly or Southern than taking a pound cake to a neighborhood pot luck?  Some veggies from your garden? I don’t know. Either way, at this years Neighborhood Night Out I made a pound cake to take to our pot luck.  I’ve never been a huge fan of pound cakes but was feeling the urge to bake one.

The cake was a little heavy for pound cake, so if I feel the urge again I’ll probably seek out another recipe (probably from a Southern source), but it was a decent cake. I served it on a platter surrounded by fresh figs (from my mom’s tree) and blueberries.

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Broiled Figs with Cream Cheese p. 391

My parents have a fig tree in their backyard. I remember shortly after we bought and moved into that house them searching for a fig tree and planting it. I couldn’t understand my mom’s need for one. And now, strangely, I have my own house and feel a need for a fig tree. I don’t even really like figs!

They had a bumper crop this year and one night a few weeks ago brought over a large bowl full for us. You can only eat so many figs so I searched for something to do with them. This looked easy enough and also delicious.

Mix cream cheese with honey and rosemary and smear on the figs. Broil until charred a bit. Couldn’t be easier!

I was a little disappointed. I used the whole cream cheese block so I might not have had the proportions just right.  Regardless, Bryan and I didn’t turn into fig lovers overnight. This would be a great dish though to serve as an appetizer or light dessert at a dinner party though.

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Redo: Mixed Spicy Vegetables, Thai Style, p. 374-375

We love a good one dish meal. And we love Thai food. After searching the app for squash recipes I put this meal on the meal plan and afterwards remembered I’d already done it. It’s okay though, I love revisiting dishes now that I’ve got a little more experience under my belt.

This time I also used carrots and celery. I also topped with fresh basil and cilantro when I served it over rice.

Mixed Spicy Vegetables, Thai Style

Still a great weeknight dish!


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Oven-Roasted Everyday Tomatoes p. 362

This summer our garden is booming. We actually have tomatoes! That ripen and are edible and everything! Major victory for us. We’re proud.

Anyways, the other night I was trying to prepare us a dinner without having to go to the grocery store. You see we had been out of town and then went to a fancy dinner and it had been nearly two weeks since we’d been to the grocery store. I found some chicken tenders in the freezer, pulled some carrots from the garden to steam, and decided to use up some of our tomatoes.

Growing up my mom used to slice tomatoes and roast them in the oven covered in a little parmesean and Italian dressing. It was one of my favorite summer dishes. Bryan is slowly warming up to tomatoes so I thought I could get away with it.

This was even simpler than my mom’s dish. I quartered my large tomatoes, drizzled some olive oil, salt and pepper over them and stuck ’em in the oven.

They turned out okay, I still prefer my mom’s though. I made a big pan full so the next day I used the leftover tomatoes and turned them into a tomato soup. Easy peasy.

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Chiles Rellenos, p. 333

We have these large sweet peppers in our garden. I purchased the plant as a starter from a local plant sale. I was not expecting such large peppers. But we had several and the only thing I could think to do with them was to make chiles rellenos.

I made it one night last week along with salsa verde. After making the salsa I was ready for dinner. I was displeased to find out i had to roast the peppers and then fry them. Blergh. So I roasted them, removed the skin as best I could, stuffed them with cheese and stuck them back in the oven to cook.

Call it cheating if you will, but I couldn’t bring myself to mess up my kitchen any further that night. I’ll probably have to come back to this recipe and do it up right next time. But until then, it was a fine weeknight dinner.

Chiles Rellenos served with rice and salsa verde

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