Salsa Verde p. 49

I’ve made salsa before, but never salsa verde. Which is odd because I love a good salsa verde.

The other night I was making Chile Relanos and Bittman suggested Verde Salsa to go with it. It didn’t take much to persude me.

Unlike regular salsa, in which you dump a bunch of ingredients into your food processor and call it a day, salsa verde took a few more steps. First you have to prep the tomatillas and then roast them. Once they are cool you are supposed to chop them finely. I was feeling particularly lazy so I did a rough chop and after they cooked with the other ingredients over the stove a bit I used my immersion blender. It was already out and seemed like it would be the best way to get a more consistent texture.

The salsa was a bit sweet and tangy. A great salsa and a great sauce for our dinner.

Chile Relanos served with rice and salsa verde


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