Broiled Figs with Cream Cheese p. 391

My parents have a fig tree in their backyard. I remember shortly after we bought and moved into that house them searching for a fig tree and planting it. I couldn’t understand my mom’s need for one. And now, strangely, I have my own house and feel a need for a fig tree. I don’t even really like figs!

They had a bumper crop this year and one night a few weeks ago brought over a large bowl full for us. You can only eat so many figs so I searched for something to do with them. This looked easy enough and also delicious.

Mix cream cheese with honey and rosemary and smear on the figs. Broil until charred a bit. Couldn’t be easier!

I was a little disappointed. I used the whole cream cheese block so I might not have had the proportions just right.  Regardless, Bryan and I didn’t turn into fig lovers overnight. This would be a great dish though to serve as an appetizer or light dessert at a dinner party though.


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