Smoky Black Bean Soup, p. 137

Despite my last post being in September I have still been cooking from my trusty, increasingly worn copy of How to Cook Everything. I currently have 18 recipes that I’ve flagged for having made and not yet posted. Whoops. I’m hoping to remedy that over the next few weeks as I hate a ton of flags on books and also, I prefer not to have the guilt of not posting when I have stuff to post on. So…

I hate bean soups. I’m not a bean fan. I like lima beans, green beans, and edamame. But that’s about it. I like them simply cooked. Growing up my mom made bean soup all the time. She loved it. I hated it.

As I’ve matured I’ve been trying to try the things I don’t like. Hoping that maybe I just didn’t like how they were prepared or maybe my tastes have changed. With that attitude I decided to give this black bean soup recipes a try.

Smokey Black Bean Soup

My notes: “meh. still don’t like bean soup.”

So yeah. Still working on liking the beans. I garnished mine with a ton of cilantro which helped.


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June 2, 2014 · 5:17 pm

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