Braised Chard with Olive Oil and Rice, p. 285

This summer Bryan and I signed up for our first CSA. I’ve been hesitant to do them in past years because I enjoy having control over my meal plan. But I decided that for one season I could relinquish control and try new things.

In our first bag there was some beautiful chard. Chard is something I’ve never tried before. Either to cook or to eat. The first place I turned was HTCE.

One thing I find so helpful about this book is that it tells you a little bit about the vegetables at the beginning of the section. I didn’t know chard was related to beets! I’ve become obsessed with beets this year.  Chard has a similar earthy taste.

While not the prettiest dish ever, it was delicious and healthy. I served it with a side of steamed broccoli.


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