Mexican Cheese Salsa, p. 24

Hello, there. Sorry for the long absence. I had planned on writing more posts after my last batch, but I got pregnant and was hit with a strong case of morning sickness and writing about food just wasn’t going to happen. I survived morning sickness after 20 weeks, which was really all day sickness. And then I had a baby. The first month I didn’t do much cooking, but I’m happy to say that I’m back to meal planning and cooking. Two weeks ago we started our CSA for the year and I’m leaning heavily on How to Cook Everything and other cookbooks to help me figure out what to do with all our fresh veggies.  I also have a slew of recipes I’ve tried over the last two years that I am going to try to post. So here we go…

I really shouldn’t even count this as completing the recipe because my stupid Kroger didn’t even have the right cheese so I just used mozzerella. Not the same.

Bryan didn’t like it anyway because the tomatoes were too obviously tomatoes. When I make salsa I used canned tomatoes and he doesn’t mind them. But I wanted to give HTCE recipe a try again. Oh well… live and learn.


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