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Curried Rice Noodles with Chicken, p. 556

Another bad-blogger post. I made this recipe November 2013. No picture.

Notes: made with chicken. good.

I really shouldn’t even post this.


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Stir-Fried Noodles with Meat and Vegetables, p. 554

This was one of those recipes I was supposed to post about last summer and then didn’t. Whoops.

I made this dish on October 29th, 2013. Whoops.

My notes: good. couple use more flavor… maybe more ginger.

But hey, here’s a picture! It looks tasty.

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Spicy Braised Beef with Lime, p. 725


Last fall, craving a hearty stew dish I made this meal. I’m going to be honest and admit at this point I don’t remember much about the making of the stew.

But according to my notes I used three dried chiles and it was too spicy for me. Bryan loved it though.

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Linguine with Garlic and Oil p. 504

Ingredients: salt, EVOO, garlic, spaghetti of some shape or size, parsley.

The other day I happened upon a stellar shrimp recipe and wanted to cook a little pasta to go along with it. The recipe suggested a tortellini or other stuffed pasta, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I just boiled some spaghetti. I turned to this recipe to accompany the shrimp.

Basically, besides boiling the water and cooking the spaghetti, you cook the minced garlic in some olive oil. And pour it over the spaghetti. I topped mine with a little fresh parmesan that I had on hand. (I need my cheese.)

Overall it was fine, a little bit too oil-y tasting for me, and we ultimately threw out the left over garlic oil. But its an easy sauce to whip up if you want a light side dish.

Served with beer shrimp and a salad wedge with a herb vinaigrette.

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Fast Tomato Sauce, p. 502

I love this sauce. I can make it while I wait for the water to boil for the pasta. Never will I need to buy the canned or jarred stuff anymore. I’ve made this sauce a couple of times before, but recently made it on a weeknight after a stressful day.

Following this recipe, Mr. Bittman gives 20 easy ways to vary or spice up the sauce. For this time, I think I combined three of the twenty.

2. Garlicy Tomato Sauce says to add 2-10 cloves of chopped garlic to the sauce. I added 4-5.

4. Tomato Suace with Aromatic Vegetables suggests to add 1/3 cup of carrot and celery when you add the onion. Since Bryan doesn’t like onion, and we had the other two on hand, I added those. I didn’t measure the quantities, I just did one carrot and one celery stalk.

Veggies and Garlic ready to go

5. Tomato Sauce with Wine says to add ¼ cup of white wine to the sauce before adding the tomatoes. I had probably ½ a cup or maybe a little more left over and since it was a stressful afternoon, I felt like a little booze might helps things. It always does.

Basically this is how I pulled this sauce together: melt some butter, add the garlic, celery, and carrots (you would add onions here if you are onion tolerant). Simmer for a little while. Add wine if you are and let it bubble for a few minutes.

Then add 1 lb of tomatoes. I had two diced tomato cans on hand, so that’s what I use. I don’t know what the pound-age was. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes while you get your pasta to cook. Viola! Homemade pasta sauce!

One of the variations suggested pureeing the sauce. I think that’s a great idea when you’ve got the chopped veggies in there. But I was lazy and didn’t feel like cleaning the food processor or adding another step. For pasta I cooked some frozen cheese ravioli I got at Sam’s and had on hand. I felt like the sauce was very fresh and not too heavy for a hot summer’s evening.

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